Tuesday, June 19, 2012

FunnyJunk lawyer sues The Oatmeal for bestiality cartoon

The media attorney hired to threatened TheOatmeal.com with a defamation lawsuit is now personally suing the humor site's creator. And a drawing is the reason.

Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman drew that cartoon after attorney Charles Carreon threatened legal action on behalf of FunnyJunk.com. Inman blogged about FunnyJunk hosting his work without permission, and now FunnyJunk says he's damaged their brand - among other charges. The site demanded $20,000 in compensation.

Inman responded by drawing a cartoon of Carreon's mother - or the FunnyJunk site administrator's mother, depending on where you get your information - attempting to seduce a Kodiak bear. He also launched a fundraising campaign to raise $20,000, which he said he'd donate to charity.

Here is that picture

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