Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why dogs and women should mate

[1) EVERY animal that has ever existed (from dinosaurs, whales, insects and humans) all have the desire to mate and reproduce. When humans domesticated dogs, dogs and humans became close friends and constant compians ever since. Today many people own dogs. Some people own several some people only own one. Often if a person just owns one dog, a dog will go through his entire life with out mating. Imagine a person trying to do this! I don't think it's possible! Please remember that people can and do masturbate when they don't have a partner. Dogs don't maturbate.

2)Many time when a male dog is raised by humans, they rarely encounter other dogs especially female dogs. In most cases, the only females that male dogs encounter on a regular basis are women!

3)Women like all female animals secrete powerful horomones through their genitals called pheremones. Pheremones are used to attract and turn on the opposite sex. While women do secrete pheremones through out their bodies, women produce the strongest and most scents from their genitals (just like EVERY other female animal. Now anyone who knows anything about dogs, knows that dogs have a strong sense of smell. Much stronger than humans. While a womens vaginal pheremones are hard for men to smell (at least when women are clothed and not standing nearby men), they are not hard for male dogs to smell when fully clothed and standing not close by. Unlike other female animals, women can and do become fertile year around and do mate much more regular than most female animals. So that being said, women are constantly producing vaginal pheremones.]


  1. Hi! Great post!
    There's also the advantage that sex with dogs for a human female is much more satisfying. The shape of the large male dogcock including the knot is just perfect for the human vagina. And an vaginal orgasm is much easier to accomplish.