Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adelaide trio dodge jail over bestiality offences

Garry Paul Reichelt, his wife Tina Marion Reichelt and Kathleen Modystack had each admitted to the criminal sex act, committed in early 2009.

In the District Court today Judge Geoffrey Muecke said the offence was uncommon and the product of the sexual curiosity of all parties.

He said comments made by Tina Reichelt, 53, online about the activity were "graphic and gross".

"The offence of bestiality is one that has not commonly come before this court. I have not ever had to sentence anyone for this crime," Judge Muecke said.

He said the maximum penalty of 10 years' imprisonment was shared by crimes including acts to endanger life, possession of an object with intent to kill, unlawful sexual intercourse and production of child pornography.

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